Direct Management is a family business with a rare hands on approach to managing your property. Property management is a complicated matter that involves both product such as building upkeep and repairs, and service such as tenant relations and government reporting. We leverage our years of experience managing our diverse portfolio to keep properties successful and profitable in a world where new and unique challenges can arise every day.

Most importantly, we never lose sight of the fact that it is your property that we are managing. In a business where many managers may be out for themselves, our approach is simple—your benefit is our success.

Because we own properties as well as manage for others we keep the proper perspective. We manage your building as we manage our own buildings, keeping an eye toward profitability, while maintaining proper care and upkeep. This is why one of our strengths is our relationships with our property owners. This is why our customers are repeat customers. Our business is based on knowledge, strength, and trust, put us to work for you.
Direct Management Corporation
“Making your property profitable!”
“Your Benefit is Our Success”
Direct Management Corporation
42-14 Astoria Boulevard
Astoria, new York 11103

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Phone: (718) 274-4300
Fax: (718) 956-0159
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